dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

Recap: Glasgow Trip

By the end of September I got the opportunity to go to Glasgow, Scotland. I took that chance and went over there for 3 days. 
After all this time I still wanted to show you some snapshots I made. Take a look!

zondag 25 oktober 2015

Maybelline: Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil

On my trip to Dublin I was restricted to have only 1l of fluid with me on the plane. Therefore the lipstick department got lots of love from me. 
I got myself 2 lip pencils from Maybelline that I, so far, didn't found these in Belgium. 

So, I took two to give a go. Lets see how these work.

woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Lifestyle: Half Half Hair

I don't live the most colourful lifestyle when it comes to my clothing. However with my hair, it can't ever be colourful enough.

Since September I dyed my hair half half. I have been wanting to do so in a very long time and I couldn't decide on one colour so I picked two instead.

Have a look.

vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

Pupa: I'm 308

NOTE: Due to technical issues last week aka no internet, I was not able to post any blogpost. Apologies for that.

Several months ago I was able to try out a new lipstick by Pupa Milano. Which was an absolute winner. Check it out here. The lipstick was one of their newest range called the I'm lipstick.
I have always wanted to try more shades and luckily I got one of my favourite shades to try.
My thoughts on this beauty? Keep reading to find out more.

vrijdag 9 oktober 2015

Maybelline: Go Chaotic Mascara

On my trips to Glasgow I went into Superdrug. Ah it was a long time. And I never walked out without not buying anything. Also last time. 
I went out with a new mascara by Maybelline to satisfy the mascara addiction. It is one not available in Belgium so I had to pick pick it up.

Chaotic experience or not?

dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

MAC: Stone Lipstick aka My September Favourite

In my massive September travels and splurge I was debating with myself what on earth I would put up as next review on the blog. 
Yet I came to the decision that I wanted to write about my biggest love this month. One of my newest MAC Lipstick. Yes, Stone!

vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

What you can expect.

Over the last month I have been on 2 trips, to Dublin and Glasgow. I have shopped way to much make up, obviously and most of it will definitely be over on the blog. 

Now because majority of those products are still over in the testing process I wanted to give you guys a quick little overview of what you can expect.

Lets start.