zaterdag 28 maart 2015

Flormar: Illuminating Primer Make Up Base

I have only a few primers that I think do the job proberly. With my MUFE HD primer I think it only works with MUFE foundations. My ultimate favourite so far is the BabySkin Primer from Maybelline.
On my trip to Switserland I tried an interesting Flormar primer that the lady in store tried on me.

I bought it and thought I might share my thoughts on it.
Keep reading to find out more.

The lady in store was friendly enough the give me a demo of several products, also this primer. The website sais about this primer that it creates a powdery and mat effect on the skin with its soft texture.
My initial thought about this product was how can this be illuminating when it supposed to be mat?

However I did buy it because this feels so moisturizing on the skin. The product feels really cold and calming to the skin.
It comes out white and blends into the skin easily. It sinks in fairly quickly and than your base is ready to be tested. It primer well and also does work on its priming part. Impressed!

Yet after a few days I noticed a difference in my skin appearance. My skin broke out quite badly, is it something I ate or really this primer. I don't know. My skin has suffered a few days on now is all good but I'm holding back to give this another shot. 
Overall thought: I do like it. It moisturizes the skin, blends easily and doesn't feel like 'another layer' when applying make up. Now the breaking out part I don't like that much but I'm not sure if its really this. Yet in its priming part it works really well!

Have you had any problems with primers before?

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