maandag 5 september 2016

Catrice: Stylo Eyeshadow Pen

During the past slightly more hot days we had here in Belgium, I can't be bothered to put on layers of makeup, even though I still love it, since you sweat of the majority of it.
Light, simple and fast is the way to go. In terms of eyeshadow I have found a tool that I seem to grab quit often for those three requests.

Eyeshadow in a pen. Seems legit. Have a look.

The Catrice Eyeshadow Pens came into the assortment with the previous season change. They come in 6 different shades and I have got 2 of them. They are called Copper And Paste and Brown To Earth.

Pricewise, budget approved! Since they are only around 4 euros. The pens come in a retractable pen form. Handy in use. 

Like said, I have 2 shades. 030 is a nice copper shade with golden shimmer. Brown To Earth is a cooler shade. 
Left: 030, Right: 040

The pens are nicely creamy, so they apply and blend really easily. Pigmentation wise, they are really good. One quick swipe can cover the entire eyelid, still pigmented. 

On eyelids that are more on the oily side, like I have, I do notice that by the end of the day, the colour has creased on me.
Prime the lids correctly you can go out and about for a day. 
Overall thought: I definitely like them since they are easy in use. On the go, for travels, this is an easy pick. They are good in pigmentation as well, since you really don't need much. Long-lasting? I think it sure can be, however an oily-er skintype should prep the eyelids well to make them last.

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