donderdag 24 november 2016

Jeffree Star: Velour Liquid Lipstick

Oh yes have I been away for such a long time. Reason being: I didn't really find the joy in writing anymore. And tbh I don't know if in the near future this will change. However my passion for beauty and make up still is there and I buy too much stuff, still. I do still like to review things. So here goes nothing.

Ever since I got to experience liquid lipstick for the first time, I think the occasions I wore a simple regular lipstick I can count on one hand. Liquid lipstick just makes life so much easier for lazy people like me.
Put it on in the morning and you are good to go for the entire day. (note: when you have a good liquid lipstick though) Jeffree Star was definitely a brand I wanted to try. So that is what I did.

I have ordered myself two colours. And be warned, I didn't get myself two of the most common shades. Because that is what I like. The shades I got myself were Weirdo and Dirty Money.
Weirdo is pure black. Dirty Money is what I describe exactly the dollar colour green looks like. Both shades are extremely pigmented and definitely don't need a second full applicator.
What I first of really appreciate about these products is that they are specifically cruelty free and vegan (me as vegetarian for over 2 years now, thumbs up for cruelty free brands)

I have now tried these liquids on various times. And overall I am really excited about the way they work. I do notice some bleeding into fine lines, but that is fixed easily.
Now pigmentation wise I am really impressed about their quality. However on me, I tend to see that these liquid lipsticks don't survive meals, neither do they survive drinks. I feel they crumble apart.
A long period of time without any of that. You have a good very longlasting lipstick on hand. Also, these beauties are a pain to get of your lips. Once on, definitely the edges, are stuck! :)
Overall thought: Yes but no. They are gorgeously pigmented, extremely longwearing and cruelty free. However when you have lunch or have drink during the day, the seem to crumble apart.

Does any of you seem to have this problem?

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