zondag 10 juli 2016

Maybelline: Vivid Matte Liquid

When it comes to lipcolours, I am a very easy person to pick colours for. Either you want to give me an extremely nude or poop looking shade or you want to go for the darkest shade, just an pinch away from being pure black. Simple not? 
I went on a late night shopping spree with a friend of mine. And we came across and nice find. Some of the vivid matte liquid lipsticks from Maybelline were finally available in Belgium and I picked up another shade to go with the one I picked up in London.

Yes, a nude and a dark shade.

The Vivid Matte Liquid lip colours come in 10 different shades. Here in Belgium I think we only have five of them at our availability.
I picked up two shades. Possessed Plum, being a medium cherry colour and Nude Thrill, which is a nude shade with obvious orange undertones.

Packaging of these little things is super handy in use. Throw it in your bag and applicator isn't to lumpy. Perfect on the road and touch up proof.
The product itself surprised me big time, since I thought this was going to be more of the consistency of a real liquid lipstick. But its not. This reminds more of the texture from a matte lipgloss, not as sticky as lipgloss yet equally creamy.

As I am putting the product on the pigmentation of these matte liquids is fairly impressive to me. A full applicator is more than enough.
After I have been wearing these lip colours for a while they do wear of. However nothing to bad, since they leave a nice stain on the lips. Which makes your lipcolour still good for some time.
Overall thought: These lipproducts are available for €7,99. And I think they are a good price-quality deal. They are nicely pigmented and after they've worn of, you are left with a nice stain. They are really handy in use. Perfect for on the go. Approved!

What are your experiences with these products?

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