dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Catrice: Metallure Limited Edition

Limited editions are always nice! Especially if they are from budget brands. But normally I don't get so excited about them. I don't know why.. Sometimes though there is this one collection that I get super thrilled about.

Recently Catrice came out with their new limited edition called Metallure.
The collection focuses on metallic looks and that of course transfers into the collection.

Today I decided to show you what I got from the collection.
So here is a little overview of that the collection includes.

In the collection are 5 nailpolishes, 3 lipsticks, a bronzer, liner and 3 eye shadows.

I still don't like Catrice nailpolish so I didn't get one of those. I tried the lipsticks and they didn't suit me at all and the one thing I didn't want was the mascara topper.
And therefore I could narrow this review down to only three products.
I got really intrueged about 2 eye shadows and the of course beautiful bronzer. 

The first colour I picked up was a metallic marbled eye shadow. This colour is called Metalight. A muted white with rose gold brown included as well.
The colour is super light on the eyelids and easy to wear. Perfect for a day to day look.

The eye shadow on the following picture is called Metallicious. It is a gorgeous greenish golden shadow with brownish grey included.
The colours can be use on its own but can also be mixed and it then gives you a beautiful old gold look on the eyelids.

Overall thought on the eye shadow: The eye shadow feels not chalky, easy to blend and work withSuper nice pigmentation and give you beautiful colours when mixing the shadows. The can be perfectly worn on their own but you can also mix and match and create pretty looks.

The next and to me most pretty product of the collection is the Lumizing bronzer in the shade CO1 Shimmer Shade (only one shade available).
The colour of this bronzer is an extremely wearable copper shade including rose gold shimmer. The powder feels super smooth and I have been wearing it all the time since I got it.

And since it has those shimmers in there it gives you a super healthy glowy look. Even though it is this pigmented you can't really go wrong wearing this bronzer. It is perfect bronzer to wear alone, plus blush or as all in one product. 

Overall thought on the bronzer: Lumizing indeed. I love to wear it on daily basis. I love it because of the gorgeous summer healthy glow it adds to your skin. Really blendable but even though the pigmented, you can't go wrong with this product.
On the picture above you can see the gorgeous pigmentation of all the products.
From Top To Bottom: Lumizing Bronzer, Metalicious and Metalight.

Collection thought: I am sure I have picked myself the product I would get most use out of. They are beautiful products for everyone and I think this will be a very succesful collection for a lot of people!

The Limited Edition is now available in Kruidvat until September.

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